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Web Development

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Product Development

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UX/UI Design

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12 years of cultivating tech talent

30Hills, with its methodology concept, is a sustainable living-learning community where participants explore the ideas and technologies they're passionate about.

We recognize program participants ready to make a difference and shape the business organizations of tomorrow. It starts with interactive workshops, where our experienced instructors apply practical IT industry-oriented teaching methods.

We support our participants as they explore their professional curiosity, and empower them to become innovators in various fields.

Our training programs equip participants to follow their career path, regardless of their background. Our multidisciplinary approach prepares them for a variety of job positions.

Career Starter

Are you one of the young adults who are about to graduate, have graduated recently, or dropped out of college? All of you have one thing in common - no working experience. You have some theoretical knowledge, either from college, tutorials, or various courses/bootcamps, but you don’t have the applicable skills and confidence to get hired. Most of you have never worked on a real project.

All of you come with a particular skill set that needs to be advanced. How do you get hired with no prior experience, that all employers are looking for? Certainly, most IT companies do not take into consideration candidates without any practical IT skills. As a result, you end up wondering how to land your first job.

Career Changer

Do you hold a degree in a certain field without being really passionate about it, or have you simply decided to drop out? Regardless of your educational and professional background, you don’t wish to pursue your current career. You are not alone.

Many of you are on the job market with 1-10 years of working experience in for example architecture, civil engineering, art, etc., who all of a sudden decided to make a career change for many different reasons. When HR managers look at your CVs they reject you, because relevant work experience is missing. Eventually, you also end up wondering how to gain applicable skills and get hired.

Invest in yourself

Get the skills and confidence for tomorrow, make your next career move and prepare to be hired. Gain insight into best practices and real-world skills you can apply directly to your current/future workplace.

You will:

  • ■ Participate in the entire product lifecycle in order to gain practical knowledge. #learnbydoing
  • ■ Learn from the industry leaders by being encouraged to apply cutting-edge technologies, such as Javascript, React, Angular, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile methodologies. #applyingbestpractices
  • ■ Innovate and embrace challenges with experienced mentors who will guide you and give you feedback along the way in a highly engaging atmosphere. #studentcenteredlearning
  • ■ Get the skill set and knowledge employers are looking for.#studentcenteredlearning
  • ■ Work in a team that offers greater interaction with your instructors and peers. The learning curve and a person's progress are what we focus on the most. #teamwork #toptalent

We are 30Hills

We have been making digital products with passion since 2010. Our team has created more than 130 customized solutions to date for startups and corporations; therefore our expertise is in managing the process of innovation through product development.

30Hills Heartbeat

Meet the instructors

Vanja Enbulajev - Senior UX/UI Designer

Vanja Enbulajev

Senior UX/UI Designer

Sofija Nikolić - HR & Instructor

Sofija Nikolić

HR & Instructor

Đorđe Filipović - CEO

Đorđe Filipović


Marko Tomić - Backend Team Lead

Marko Tomić

Backend Team Lead

Miloš Pavlović - Frontend Team Lead

Miloš Pavlović

Frontend Team Lead

Miloš Matić - Head of Development

Miloš Matić

Head of Development


Nemanja Bogetić - Frontend Developer

Nemanja Bogetić

Frontend Developer

This program offers excellent experience in working on a real project, starting from Design Thinking to app development. It is the best way to acquire practical knowledge in Javascript & React while working in a team. It's also a great opportunity to learn new technologies and broaden your perspective on what web development is all about. Right after this program I got a job as a Junior Software Developer.

Dušica Žeravić - Frontend Developer

Dušica Žeravić

Frontend Developer

I gained hands-on experience that was necessary for a job. The program is focused on an effective and fast learning process in a team (compared to individual learning). Mentoring support was extremely useful because I learned from more experienced people. I totally changed my career, therefore participation in this program prepared me to get a job and further develop my career in IT.

Mihajlo Nikolić - Backend Developer

Mihajlo Nikolić

Backend Developer

Participation in the soft dev program helped me to change my career path. Besides technical skills, I really advanced communication and teamwork skills. In addition, I gained a broader picture of innovation, web development, and the IT world in general. A relaxing but hard-working atmosphere, as well as friendly cooperation with instructors and peers, is what makes this program outstanding.

Srđan Šolajić - Frontend Developer

Srđan Šolajić

Frontend Developer

I got to work with people who have just started their IT careers and experienced professionals in a pleasant environment. Mentors did their best to pass on their practical knowledge and experience. Initial workshops introduced us to innovation, Agile and Lean Startup methodology. They encouraged us to use various tools and new technologies while being focused to become a productive team member.

Milan Zagorac - Backend Developer

Milan Zagorac

Backend Developer

This program made my career change process possible. Thanks to this program the transition from training to a job was really smooth. We were involved in different perspectives of the project (business, design, development, and testing). Live communication and knowledge exchange with lots of people with similar interests was really helpful. I highly recommend it.

Aleksandar Nikolić - Backend Developer

Aleksandar Nikolić

Backend Developer

As an intern who had previously participated in similar training programs, I experienced the software dev program as a carefully and well-planned program, where the emphasis was placed on my practical professional development. My personal impression is that this program is a unique project in the Serbian IT market in terms of comprehensiveness, quality of training and impact on every single participant.

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